Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Back

Well, it was a tough fall and not much got done except work related stuff.  But, with my friend Karin's encouragement, I am back to blog posting.  I have actually experienced a lot of growth in the last 6 months, and we'll see if it translates into a greater resolve to continue my quest to get back to nature!


  1. Cool! I got outside today. Not in woods unfortunately, but on an artificial turf field, but at least the sun was shining on me. I jogged and walked around it for 30 minutes while Markus was at his English class. Just getting outside and walking/moving is a goal for me right now and I have been achieving this 3-4 times a week. Communing with nature? Hope to be doing more and more of it. Go, Rosanne, go Woodswoman!

  2. We walked down along the Lac Léman today. It was fairly warm and sunny but there was a kind of mist that obscured the view of the other side of the lake, the side that faces south and where, on a clear day, display the panorama of the French Alps and Mont Blanc. It reminded me of how I could view the future, if I so choose. I could see it as a wall of murkiness and of unknowable landscape, but just have faith that there will be amazing vistas just beyond.