Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, that's it.

I can post this here, because I know that not many people will see it!  Steve has finally and definitively vetoed getting a dog.  It's over.   I'll never have a dog again, and I have to admit I am very, very sad about that.  I always dreamed of wandering in the woods with a dog again; having a dog makes everything outdoors more exciting and more fun.  A dog is such a companion; it's a relationship unlike anything else in the world. I miss Sophie now more than ever........


  1. Oh, Rosanne, I thought I posted something here before but I see I didn't save it correctly. That is so sad to read. Maybe Steve, after his initiatial feeling of relief and liberation, will change his mind over time. Especially if you complain loudly and and tearfully and constantly about how much you miss having a dog. As a favor to someone on vacation, I just walked my friend's dog, who is a Portugese water dog -- like Obama's -- and it was a great feeling. Someone like you should definitely be a dog owner again.

  2. Rosanne,
    I came back to check! Please write more! I like the background you have with the rocks and river!