Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What a magical vacation! Vacations like this last one to Napa make me realize why I fell in love with Steve when we met in law school. We do share a unique blend of adventure and caution that makes our time together fun and exciting, yet comfortable and relaxing. So, did I get to throw myself into wildlife and nature? No, but the way we did Napa really brought us as close to nature as you can get in such a popular tourist area. First of all, we took a tour with Holmegrown Tours (which I highly recommend if you are ever in Napa) that took us to tiny, sustainable wineries all by ourselves. We were there for the incredible "budburst" when the tiny leaves just start to show on the vines. You could almost feel them waking up and reaching for the sunlight. We got to walk through a vineyard with light raindrops falling through the sunlight, and a rainbow as the backdrop. I'll never forget this trip. (Pictures will be coming)

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  1. So cool that you had such a great time together in Napa!