Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pleasures of Girl Scout Camp

When I was growing up, in my dingy, depressing little coal mining town, I didn't have a lot of opportunities for truly being in the woods and in nature. Unless, of course, you count playing on the humongous piles of coal known as culm banks. I don't think they count. Then I went to Girl Scout Camp. What a difference! I learned how to fly from a rope swing into the river, cook almost anything over a fire (including wonderful bread and pizza, I might add), sleep in front of a crackling fire all night long, and tie random pieces of rope into thousands of useful knots. But the BEST was the singing around the campfire. We must have learned hundreds of songs, some silly of course, but most reflecting how we all felt about nature and it's beauties. I'll add some of these songs occasionally into this blog so you can get a sense of how wonderful they are.

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